The Erlang, Elixir and Friends devroom at FOSDEM 2020 was the 1st edition of a BEAM devroom at FOSDEM.

It took place Saturday, 1st February 2020 and it was organized and managed by:


Farwest Demo: A website/API for a document oriented database in 20 minutes

by Loïc Hoguin

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OpenTelemetry: an XKCD 927 Success Story

by Greg Mefford

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Debugging and tracing a production RabbitMQ node

by Gabriele Santomaggio

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Keep Calm and Use Nerves

by Arjan Scherpenisse

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Lumen: Elixir in the Browser

by Luke Imhoff

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CoffeeBeam: A BEAM VM for Android

by Viktor Gergely

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Going Meta with Elixir’s Macros

by Wiebe-Marten Wijnja

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Processes & Grains: A Journey in Orleans

by Evadne Wu

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